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You might be the person who is ready, but unsure of how, to move forward in a new business venture -- you need help giving your business idea structure. Maybe you have owned a small business for a number of years, but struggle to make sustainable income through it. You may have owned a successful medium-to-large business for over a decade, but your business needs a face lift; a marketing overhaul. This is one of the services that sets Innovative Radiance apart from the competition. We won't just design a logo or website -- we will help you develop the concept behind it. We offer detailed profile analysis of your business or vision, and help to define its concept. We then use the information from your custom analysis to develop YOUR BRAND. After our initial consult, the products we design for you will do more than just look nice. Our brand-centric designs and products will be professional, relevant and effective. Your mission statement, logo and catch phrases are the three main identifying features of your brand. These elements will be defined for every client who opts for our detailed consultation services. We will then incorporate these elements into every design we create for you. 

Your logo may be a graphic image like ours, our just as simple as your initials in typography style. The important thing is that it suits your brand because once created, your logo is like your digital fingerprint. After it has been developed, it's time to let the world see it -- AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! You may ask why this is important and the answer is clear: brand recognition creates familiarity, and familiarity breeds trust. A consumer is more likely to purchase a service or product from someone they have done business with before, or at least heard of on more than one occasion. The mere fact that they have seen your brand before, says that you are doing something right -- so make yourself noticeable! Your brand should be easily recognizable, having the same look and feel on a brochure, a business card, a flyer, a letterhead, an envelope, etc. Seeing your branding repeatedly, creates that all important brand recognition that greatly increases customer attrition rates. So first things first, a brand-centric, custom business card. Don't settle for a template card. Your vision is uniquely you; your business card should be as well! From there, a plethora of marketing materials are available to meet your needs.

Just as is the case with printed branding, digital branding should promote brand recognition. A brand-centric, custom website is an essential part of this process. Your website will be YOUR BRAND's online home and should be 100% customized and unique to your vision. Your website will be the go-to place to get information about your product and/or services, and most importantly, a place to make purchases. The next step is driving traffic to your website, which is where social media becomes your best ally. Most businesses and entrepreneurs (and all Human Beings who are at least potty-trained, smile) have some type of social media presence. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc. -- but how many of the pages are customized for brand recognition? Not many! Remember, online you are competing with millions of other entities. It's important to stand out. Even if a consumer only quickly glances at your social media page, if your branding is recognizable, another subconscious memory of you or your company has been recorded, aiding in that all important brand recognition. Social media is the world's best FREE advertising. We will set up and customize any social media account that you want to use, to help you take advantage of this vital resource.​
Another advantage of working with Innovative Radiance is our in-house publishing services. Branding is about more than graphic design for print and digital advertising. Remember that branding creates the "personality" of your vision or business. It is the way that you connect emotionally with your target market. Nothing has more influence over one's perception than written words. A great man once said, "Writing makes a man exact" and indeed, we agree! After your initial consultation, if you are like most people, you won't know much about professional copy-writing, or just will not have the time to write your own web content. No worries, we can professionally edit your content, or write it for you! We can also author your blog articles, newsletters and complete vision statements. We can create PowerPoint presentations and make beautiful custom documents, such as invoices, letterheads and client applications. We can draft a service agreement for a catering event or write a no-refund policy for a retail store. We can even author employee handbooks, how-to manuals, or an entire e-book to promote your product or service. Just about anything you can imagine, we can write.​
Dare to Stand OUT!
Dare to be YOU!
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One of the final and most important steps in your branding and publishing journey will be your professionally designed Media Kit, also known as a Press Kit. A well-done Press Kit could be the difference between you being the guest speaker at your kid's PTA meeting, or having a guest appearance on the Today Show. It could be the difference between a $500 contract and a $50,000 contract. It could be the difference between low-end clientele and high-end clientele. No matter what you do, as an individual, organization or company, if you want to be recognized as a true contender, you must have a Press Kit, and it must be done properly. Your Media Kit will be like  a little handbook all about you and what you are offering or selling. It will introduce you as a professional or expert in your field. It is what producers and journalists will look at to determine if you are the next person they want to interview on their show, have speak at their event or feature on the cover of their magazine. Your Press Kit will be a big financial investment, but if you are serious about going big, it is an investment in your dream. We offer very competitive pricing for Media Kits and flexible affordable payment plans, so find out more today!
On this page is a list of some of our most popular products and branding services for, but we offer too many to list on one page. It's best to fill out our simple contact form and allow one of our knowledgeable staff members to help you choose the best products and services, at the best value, for you. Just like everything else we design, we will put together a custom package just for you, so contact us TODAY!

We offer bundle discounts, as well as a variety of payment options to fit your budget. We will do our very best to ensure that we get you started with what you need most, for a price that you can afford. 

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