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Post Production 
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Cover Design
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Just because you are an author, doesn't necessarily mean you like to write. Just because you like to write, does not mean that you're good at it! Even if you are a good writer, it doesn't mean by default that you understand the technicalities and nuances of completing and publishing a marketable book. With over 10,000 new books being published each year, the average author only sells 50 books of any particular title. What will it take for you to break the glass ceiling of self-publishing, and have a book that gets noticed and earns income? Do you know the difference between a profit book and a passion book? Do you know how to write for your target audience? Do you know how to determine the best title for your book? These are all things you need to know before you put pen to paper (or definitely before you edit and publish a manuscript you've already started), IF you want to give your project the best possible chance at notoriety. We can help you develop a brand new manuscript or work on the development of an existing manuscript. 
Your cover is the very first impression that your book will make on the reader. What do you want your book cover to say and how well do you want your cover to say it? Your cover is probably the single most important marketing element of your new book. Don’t cut any corners or opt for any unprofessional, “money-saving” shortcuts. Trust us, it will cost you in the end! We will take your existing high-quality images, or design concepts, and create a professional, print-ready front and back cover. Our covers are one-piece wraparounds that include front, back, spine and bar code (if applicable). We offer cover services that range from conversion of pre-existing cover files that need to meet required print specifications, all the way to hand-drawn custom covers. A basic cover design starts at only $49! We will help you choose the right service for your project and your budget. 

Author Coaching
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Without a doubt, the biggest mistake that amateur authors make is not having their manuscript professionally edited! Even the best writers, and even editors themselves, need to have their work edited – so how much more the average author who isn’t really a writer at all? Most people who desire to write a book are not writers, but with the right level of copy-editing, no one will ever know. Don’t ruin a great manuscript idea with bad writing. Whatever you want to say is important, so let us help you say it the right way.​ A well-developed, previously reviewed manuscript may only need a light proof-read. Experienced writers typically use the basic service. Moderate copy-editing is for intermediate to advanced authors, and extensive copy-editing may be needed for new, inexperienced authors. Developmental review and rewriting services are available for manuscripts that need that professional writers touch, prior to final editing. Editorial services start at .008 cents per word. 
Give your manuscript the professional attention that it deserves! Don’t let your work be disregarded as insignificant, due to an unprofessional interior layout design. You poured your heart into your writings, now let us pour ours into making your book look its best. Basic interior formatting for short-run books starts at just $99. We offer five levels of formatting, to suit the interior design needs of any kind of project. From simple, straight designs that work well for company manuals, standard select design for poetry books, or premium select design for advance textbooks, we can give you the look you and your readers will love. We can also add images, tables, charts and an index if required. We will take care of pagination, chapter headings and even headers and footers, if it suits your project. Any design element that will help make your project more appealing to your target audience, is available. Kindle formatting is also available. Ask for details. 
Once your book is completed, how will you sell and market it? This is an important little detail that is often overlooked! One of the benefits of working with our company, through every stage of the publishing process, is that we can use our knowledge of you as a client and your project, to help you choose the right post-production strategy and services. Whether you want us to take care of your copyright services, or show you how to do it yourself, we can help. We will help you take care of technicalities such as acquiring ISBN and LOCC numbers, and bar codes. When it is time to start selling your completed book, we will take care of your Amazon placement and train you on how to use your own Amazon account to sell your book. We will help you get set up to sell online on your own website, design order forms for you to pre-sale at events, and design your social media marketing pages. We’ve got you completely covered every step of the way! 
A piece of paper is just a meaningless blank page...

...Until graced by the hand of 
a writer.
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If there were a shortcut to the process of writing and publishing a book, how much would it be worth to you? How many copies could be sold in the time that is wasted dragging out the completion process of your finished manuscript? How much more money will you spend on design and editing services because of what you didn’t know BEFORE you started writing? And most importantly -- how successful will sales be, if you don’t write for the proper target market? Our Self-Publishing Program is the short-cut you've been looking for. Writing and publishing a book does not have to take long, even for novice writers. Furthermore, knowing the basics before you start writing, helps you have more success in the long run, and even enables you to pre-sale copies of your book so that it pays for itself. Best of all, we have a TRUE SELF-PUBLISHING program. We don't keep our hand in the pot after your book is published. We set you up to have complete control over your published work, and have all royalties paid to you directly. We don't just publish for you, we can teach you how to do it yourself so you will earn more money on the project you work on with us, and spend less money on future projects! If you are an aspiring author or a published author who wants better results next time, this program is for you!

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