If you don't chaLLEnge
 yourself, you will never change. 
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Authors and Speakers (Self-Publishing Services & Personal Branding)
A "writer" and an "author" are not necessarily one in the same. The word "author" is the root word of "authority". Being an author means that you are an expert in your field. You may have never thought of it that way, but that is what people expect from a published author – professionalism, excellence and expertise. We offer a FULL line of publishing and self-publishing services to ensure that you can give consumers what they expect. If you want to make a living as a professional author, you must treat it like a business and not just a hobby or passion. Let us help you develop your brand and your product. If you are an aspiring author who has not yet published your first work, a published author who is working on a new manuscript, or an author who is simply not satisfied with the results you've gotten, we suggest starting with our Author Coaching service, and our New Manuscript Consultation service. Then, just as important as how your book is published and written, is how you brand yourself as an author. Most authors today are also public speakers. A consumer's perception of the author, weighs just as heavily as the book itself, on whether or not they will buy the author's book. People are not just deciding to buy your book; they are deciding whether or not they are buying YOU. If you are serious about being a paid public speaker, you MUST have a book. And if you want you and your book to be taken seriously, you MUST take your personal brand seriously. See our publishing page for a full list of the services we offer for authors and speakers. 
Serious Entrepreneurs (Sales Agents, Life Coaches, Personal Trainers, Professional Consultants, etc.)
Are you determined to use your skills, talents and education to work for yourself and nobody else? Are you always striving to be the best at what you do, and to help others in the process? If so, you are what we call a Serious Entrepreneur! As a Serious Entrepreneur, you need some Serious Branding, if you want to be taken seriously by your prospects! As an entrepreneur, you must keep in mind that what people are really buying is YOU; what they are really joining is not your business, they are joining YOU. Understanding this is the difference between the financially prosperous entrepreneur and the one who still has to hold down a regular 9-to-5. Branding yourself is CRITICAL to your success. There are some entrepreneurs and sales agents on the market who use unscrupulous practices. Because of this, you are sometimes viewed as a predator, but the right branding can change this negative image. The mistake that most sales agents and network marketers make is that they use the branding of the company they work through. The problem with that is... if it's all about the company, does it really make a difference who I sign up with? Why would I choose insurance agent Jane, over agent John? There are so many coaches, trainers and consultants to choose from, what will make a prospect choose you over that other guy? You are already setting yourself apart from your competitors just by building your personal brand, and not that of the company or field you work in. Another advantage of personal branding as an independent contractor is that if you want to switch companies, you don't have to re-brand. You can use the same cards, websites and social media presence from company to company. 
Artists (Singers, Musicians, Dancers, Actors, Photographers, Painters, Comedians, Poets, etc.)
As an artist by any of the above titles, you are indeed a unique person – with some unique needs when it comes to personal branding. Artists are... well... you are just that, artists. If you are like most artists, you don't care to understand the nuances of the business aspect of what you do – you just want to make money doing what you love! But the truth of the matter is, you have to be 100% artist, while learning how to be a little bit of an Entrepreneur too. After all, to become a professional artist, you have to get paid for what you do. And guess what? Once money is involved, it is no longer just an art form, it's a form of business as well. We can help you with the brand development and business development to go from amateur to professional. You need to understand who your target audience is and how to appeal to them. You need a one-stop-spot online for people to view your portfolio, hear or see samples of your work and be able to book you for an appearance, or buy your products. You also need a clearly defined service agreement to protect you from fraud, cancellations and frivolous lawsuits. We can take care of all of this for you, so that you can focus on doing what you love, without having to succumb to the stereotype of the "starving artist".  ;-)
Small & Medium Business Owners, Corporations and Service Professionals 
(Stylists, Caterers, Designers, Mechanics, Technicians, Cleaning Services, Home Health Care, etc.)
What is the difference between an Entrepreneur and a business owner? Every business owner is an Entrepreneur, but not every Entrepreneur is a business owner. Entrepreneurs are usually independent contractors for other companies, offer one-on-one services, or personally close sales deals as an agent, distributor or representative. As a small business owner, you have gone in the direction of owning your own company. For instance, a photographer that is an Entrepreneur would brand himself as a photographer (Josh Holton, the photographer). But a photographer who is a business owner has taken the steps of obtaining a business name, a separate tax ID number and maybe even incorporated his business (All Smiles Photography, LLC.). Even though Josh Holton may be the only employee of All Smiles Photography, he wants to sell his service through a business entity and not as himself. He also has a vision to grow the company, and is laying a foundation for that growth. It's important to know which category you belong in because it makes a significant difference in your brand focus. Will the focus be your service, your product, or your staff? What is your mission statement? What is your customer guarantee? What sets you apart from competitors? What pricing strategy will you use? Will you have a physical location or offer online services only, or maybe both? These are all critical elements of brand development for business, and we pay attention to these details. 
Churches, Community Outreach Programs & Non-Profit Organizations
Not every church, ministry or community outreach program is necessarily a tax-exempt 501c3 organization. There are different ways to run a not-for-profit organization, and different reasons for doing so. However, no matter which route you choose, branding is still going to be a critical part of your organization's success. Especially for churches, where attendance numbers are lower than they have ever been in the history of the U.S.  Who are you as a ministry? Who are you trying to reach? Oh, the whole-wide world... We know! But the truth of the matter is, your marketing will NOT appeal to everyone. You have to choose the target audience that is MOST important to you, and let your branding cater to that group -- at least to begin with. Reach your target audience, and let them reach their friends and family. Whether your vision is to build a grand religious organization or just help the kids in the community, how you present that vision will be expressed through branding, and that branding will determine who responds and how they respond. Let us help you send the right message, to the right people, for the right results.  

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List of Services, Products and Fees
Above is a list of our most popular products and services, but we offer so many products and services that we would have to build a 100 page website to explain them all! That would be expensive for us and confusing for you, LOL. It's best to fill out our simple contact form and allow one of our knowledgeable staff members to help you choose the best products and services, and the best value for you. Just like everything else we design for you, we will put together a custom package just for you. We offer bundle discounts, as well as a variety of payment options to fit your budget. We will do our very best to ensure that we get you started with what you need most, for a price that you can afford. Contact us today! 

We offer bundle discounts and payment options!
Innovative Radiance is dedicated to the brand-centric development of new and small businesses, corporations, ministries, non-profits, performing artists, direct sales agents, network marketers and A.C.E.S. (Authors, Coaches, Entrepreneurs & Speakers). Anyone who has a worthwhile dream is the client that we want to serve! This is a great first stop if your vision is still in the "embryo stage" of development; we can take it from conception to birth, and then support its development into greatness. It's also a great opportunity for those of you that have already taken that proud first step of starting your own business or project; we can help make you more appealing to your target audience, whether large or small. We define our services by five different categories: Authors, Entrepreneurs, Artists, Businesses and Non-Profits. Although we offer the same type of services to all of our clients, we customize the services to fit your specific genre. We understand that branding is not "one size fits all"! Find out more about each below.
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